SatSafe provides a wide range of innovative products to meet the increasing demands of our fast-moving lives.



As technological advances assist us in our day to day security requirements, we are looking for easy to access solutions that provide that peace of mind we strive for in our ever hectic world.

Our products are tailored for each specific application and we have various protection and location products for domestic and commercial applications:

  • Personal Protection
  • Asset Location
  • Monitoring
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Remote monitoring and alarms

At SatSafe, we think ‘out of the box’ and some of our ideas are re-designing the way industry professionals think about protection, security and aerial filming challenges.

Whatever you care about, SatSafe is able to provide the right solution at the right price to ensure your complete peace of mind.


To explore how we can work with you on your next location-based communication/security challenge, please complete our online enquiry form.