Introducing the innovative Satsafe GPS enabled bike light

SatSafe develops products and services that influence user behaviour in order to reduce accidents and save lives whilst reducing environmental impact.

The Bike Light is an innovative product that offers a totally new solution to the age old problem of bicycle theft whilst offering many other benefits of rider safety and automatic crash notification.

The device is GPS enabled and connects over the GSM network the exact location of the bicycle via Google Maps at any given time. Most importantly though, from a safety perspective, the bike light has an accelerometer embedded into it’s hardware meaning that if it is hit with a force of more than 2Gs, an alert is automatically sent to our servers which then monitor the device’s movement following an impact.

Satsafe GPS Bike Light

If the device continues to move at a normal rate, then no further action is necessary and the alert is simply stored as an ‘exception’ in the ride file. If however, the device is stationary post shock event, then we are able to establish contact with the rider to ascertain whether medical assistance is required.

Satsafe is committed to developing life saving products and our GPS Bike Light is just one of our innovative technologies.

This product is currently being trialled for full roll-out into the UK and Europe and is planned for launch in Q3 2015. Watch this space for more details.

You may also be interested to learn that we have also partnered with Europe’s largest Insurer to bring a range of technology based insurance products based around Satsafe technologies including telematics (black box) car insurance, low cost, intelligent insurance solutions for the home and business and low cost bicycle insurance.

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